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Oconic Ventures

Our Investment Criteria

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1) A winning team

We back founders and teams who are aspirational and ambitious, yet also pragmatic and persistent. Prior entrepreneurial success is a bonus, but not a pre-requisite.

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2) Evidence of product market fit

We don't typically back pre-revenue ideas. We believe customer revenue is the best source of market validation. We don't expect you to have it all worked out, but evidence of trial customers, that have converted, is a positive indicator.

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3) A UK focus, with global ambitions

We believe the UK market continues to offer huge potential for HR Tech innovation, so it's where we focus. Further, many of our investors require SEIS / EIS relief, available with UK based entities.

4) Opportunities for differentiation

Clear reasons why you’ll be ‘the one’ to be successful sparks our attention. We only back businesses that have the potential to be 'game changers', and developing a sustainable advantage is essential in achieving that quest.

5) Strong growth potential

Launching a business in a growing (and ideally accelerating) market is much easier than fighting your way against decline. Structural growth opportunities that favour your chances are a bonus.

6) Customers have a reason to stay

Said another way, your business solves a real problem for customers that they will struggle to live without. You're not a 'nice to have’, ready to be removed at the first sign of budget tightening. It’s even better if your customers are advocates and refer you to others.

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