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Oconic Ventures

Fuel for the Future of Work

We don’t just provide access to capital; we unlock a world of potential to enable your success.

The leading community for HRTech Investors 

Investing in HRTech and the Future of Work?

We are a collective of investors (Angels and HNW individuals), focused on the Future of Work and HRTech (People Tech, Talent Tech, Work Tech) startups and scaleups. Based across the UK, Europe and beyond, we back some of the most exciting startups building a better future by impacting Organisational Performance, Human Resources and Talent.

The leading community for HRTech Founders and Entrepreneurs

Are you a leading startup in HRTech and the Future of Work?

We support founders on their growth journey. Through access to seed capital, connections, advice and industry expertise, we are the preeminent community for Founders in HRTech and the Future of Work.

Our investment themes

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Talent Acquisition

Recruitment / Talent Acquisition Tech
AI and Automation

Sourcing and Talent Engagement

Skills Based Hiring

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Talent Tech 

Employee Engagement
Performance Management
Learning Management
Talent Assessment

Image by Andrew Neel
Future of Work

Artificial Intelligence
Talent Analytics
Independent workers

Our investment strategy

With over 14 years experience investing in HR Tech, we've honed our strategy to focus on where we know we add the most value
Ability to impact HR Tech
Ability to impact HR Tech

Given our focus on HR Tech and Future of Work, we want to back businesses where we can add value with expertise, knowledge, hands on support and relationships

Investment stage
Investment stage

You will be able to demonstrate evidence of product market fit with rapidly growing recurring revenue. Typical investment stage: Seed

Round size
Round size

We typically back businesses looking to raise between £150k - £1.5m. We do collaborate with other VC firms on larger rounds

Investment criteria
Investment criteria

Whilst we are flexible, over the years, we've identified hallmarks that differentiate successful startups from the rest. See below to learn about our investment criteria

A selection of our portfolio investments

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Founders and Entrepreneurs

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