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Who we serve

Venture Capital and Private Equity

Investing in Human Capital Management or HR Tech companies

We are the partner of choice for Venture Capital and Private Equity firms investing in Human Capital Management or HR Tech companies

Challenges you may be facing?

  • Limited understanding of the Human Capital Management or HR Tech market structure, growth areas and trends.

  • Lack of awareness on the market participants, competitor landscape, or their respective strengths and weaknesses.

  • Deal sourcing – limited attractive, investable target opportunities.

  • A need to gather deeper insights on the commercial strategy, strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities of a target investment.

  • Limited visibility into your exit options and strategy.

  • Leadership or capability gaps in your portfolio companies.


How we help?

  • Market opportunity assessment studies – A full analysis on market headwinds and tailwinds, along with a market scan of investable targets.

  • Commercial due diligence on target investments.

  • Expert interviews – 1:1 meetings to gain deep insights from industry experts.

  • Exit – Asset realisation planning and strategies.

  • Talent – Permanent, interim and fractional C-level and leadership appointments to support your portfolio companies.


Why us?

  • We are experts in the Human Capital Management and HR Tech Industry. Our team and network have over 150 years collective experience offering unique insights and value added support.

  • Our community of over 200 industry experts, business leaders, HR practitioners and analysts ensure you receive the depth of insight to make the right decisions.

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